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Do not be a victim of stale physician compensation data you found on the internet. Our compensation experts know current salary trends in your specialty.

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Understand and implement negotiation strategies that can unlock additional value outside of salary.

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You are unique.  Don’t accept a generic offer. Our reports are tailored to your specialty and experience level.

Single Focus

MD Paycheck’s sole focus is physician compensation.

Integrated Solution

Our compensation experts work together with compensation attorney to offer you compensation and negotiation insights.

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Multiple pricing options to ensure our services match your needs.

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MDPaycheck’s sole goal is providing value to physicians in the employment context. If you are considering or have made the choice to work with a hospital or private employer, we can help. Our team of healthcare attorneys and compensation experts have designed dozens of compensation models for large institutions and know the ins and outs of physician compensation packages.

Let us help design a custom compensation and strategic negotiation report for you.

Did you know:

Many hospitals and private employers attempt to pay based on your specialty not you. Find out ways to change the equation.

Did you know:

Most hospitals and private employers will speak of “Fair Market Value” constraints as a means of not paying more. All this mean is that the hospital reached out to a valuation consulting firm, like MD Paycheck, to determine what to pay. Make sure that you have your own report to negotiate off of not theirs. 

Did you know:

There is considerable deviation in speciality pay.  Most hospitals and private employers will initially attempt to pay you a “Standard Offer.” Find out the high and low ranges to negotiate a better salary.


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